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How to Get a Big Butt

Having a big butt is all about genetic makeup. Some women naturally have a big butt because they are genetically lucky. However, it is still possible to achieve a big butt by putting a little bit effort. You need to master a few tricks that will help you achieve the butt size and shape that you have always wanted. Having a big butt will go a long way in improving your body shape, and it will help you achieve your good body shape. Here are some tips on achieving a big butt:


The first step towards achieving a big butt is by doing the right exercise. With exercise, you have to be patient because itbig butt will take some time before you start seeing any noticeable results. When doing exercises, remember to focus on activities that will help you achieve a big butt.

Some of the best exercises for increasing the size of the butt include squats, biking, crunches, step aerobics and other exercises. When doing these exercises, it is important to remain consistent because many people tend to give up after a short time.


Diet is an important aspect when you want to get a big butt. Just like abs are built in the kitchen, you also need to spend some time in the kitchen to achieve a big butt. It is important to know the right foods that are required to grow your butt. You need to include natural fats to grow your butt. This means that you should include foods like avocado and nuts in your diet. Avoid processed fats and sugars because they will only make your tummy big and not your butt.

Butt enhancement creams

big buttYou need to speed up the process, and that is why you need some butt enhancement creams. A good diet and exercise might not work effectively in isolation. You need to boost the process with a bigger butt cream. There are many creams available out there, and you need to look for safe creams that contain natural ingredients to make the process fast.

Get rid of fat around the waist

It is important to get rid of the fat around the waist. When you have a small waist, it will always give an impression of big fat. There are several exercises that you should consider to get rid of tummy fat and achieve a small waist.…


Guide for Buying Eye Creams this 2018

There is no denying that the first signs of aging manifest around your eyes. This is probably the reason why most people will look at eye creams to address areas of concern such as wrinkles. If you are among the many who needs an in-depth understanding of eye creams, this article will give you an idea of whether the eye cream you are using best suits your needs. Moreover, we have arrived at a small list of tips that will ease your search for a suitable eye cream. On a side note, you can always count on reviews such the revitol reviews since these reviews came from clients who speak highly of the eye cream’s capabilities.


Avoid eye creams that contain fragrances

This covers both synthetic as well as essential oil fragrances, which remains a strong source of activating allergies as well as other sensitivities. Products that require the user to apply too close to the eyes are not recommended as well.

Set realistic expectations

No eye cream is capable of singlehandedly eliminating wrinkles, or eye puffiness, uplifting the sagging skin. The capability of an effective cream is hydrating the skin, giving it a smooth texture that diminishes the ugly lines around.

Right ingredients

When selecting an eye cream, always ensure that it contains anti-aging ingredients required by most skins. For instance, skin replenished ingredients, skin restoring ingredients, and antioxidants.

When to apply

If you prefer applying the cream during the day, ensure it offers a certain level of sun protection. Look at the rating, anything above SPF 30 is a yes. If you are unable to get anything suitable, apply a thin layer of the eye cream then accompany it with a sunscreen. Furthermore, a good number of individuals prefer using eye gel in the morning as it does not upset their makeup.


There are those who do not believe in using eye creams. Instead, they prefer applying a moisturizer. As long as both of these products are well formulated, it can be effective. On the other hand, If the product used is not enriched enough to augur well below your eye area, you will not get the desired results. Dry skin around the eye depicts a loss of firmness. To improve the situation here, an advanced formula will deliver better results. For the best results, you need the best creams. Remember, eye creams provide no guarantee that they will erase wrinkles, dark circles, or eye puffiness. Most of these problems are resistant to mild topical treatment.…


Why Women prefer Silicone Breast Implants

Breast augmentation is a common practice today. Most women choose to go for breast implants as a way of improving their looks. This makes them feel better and also look attractive to their male counterparts. There are two main types of implants used by women today. Each of these cosmetic operations has its unique pros and cons. However, most women prefer going for silicone implants.

Silicone breast implants

As mention earlier, silicone breast implants are preferred by many women despite them being more expensive than saline breasts 21implants. The main reason women love silicone implants is that they look fuller and also feel more natural. Not just that, ripping of the skin, which is characteristic of saline implants, is less common to silicone implants. That said, here are three main benefits of going having silicone breast implants.

Reasons to go for silicone breast implants

They feel more natural

How natural silicone implants feel is relative. Compared to saline implants, silicone breast implants reign supreme. Saline implants tend to feel overly firm. On the other hand, silicone breast implants use a cohesive gel, which emulates the tenderness of natural breast tissues. The number one reason most women love this option is that they want breasts that look and feel as natural as possible.

They won’t deflate

The worst thing that can happen after a successful breast implant is to have it deflate. The possibilities of having a faulty implant are almost negligible with the right surgeon. However, leaks and ruptures do occur. If a saline implant ruptures, the saline fluids are absorbed by the body leaving your breast deflated. This is however not the case with silicone implants considering that the gel remains intact even after a rapture. As much as the breasts remain firm, it is advisable to go for a corrective operation.

Less likely to ripple

womkan 1The chances of having a silicone implant rippling are almost negligible. Rippling is a significant worry among women with a small breast tissue as there is a high chance of visible rippling below the skin. Thus, if you do not have a considerable volume of breast tissue, silicone implants blend better with the skin tissue and are less likely to wrinkle compared to saline implants.

If you are still contemplating whether to have saline breast implants or not, these three reasons are enough to convince you that silicone breast implants. As a tip, work with a surgery that specializes in this field for enhanced silicone breast implant safety and good looks.…

hair fashion

Choosing the Best Hair Stylist

Women like to take care of their hair, and they want the hair to be looking right at all time and have quality hair too. A woman will spend a lot just to make sure that the hair is looking good from buying beauty products, extension, and wigs. Having a hair stylist that you can trust is the first thing that you should worry about. Because the process of choosing one is not easy and what makes it even worse it’s that they are so many hair stylists. Thousand Oaks hair salon is one great place where you could make your hair. Here are three tips when choosing the best stylist.

Communication is key


Choosing the stylist that will work on your hair is all about creating a relationship. You are hiring the stylist so that he or she will be able to create a great vision of yourself and so that he will be able to deliver that he or she needs to make sure he listens so that he will be able to offer just that. So make sure that you choose a stylist that you will be able to communicate with freely and precisely. Before starting working on your hair, there should be that time that they will just sit with you just to listen to what you exactly want. They should be able to tell you if the expectations that you have are not that realistic.


Ask yourself one question, how does the stylist represent herself? Does the hair look okay? If they look all messy then you should now that they don’t care about how they look so they will not care that much about how you will look. Don’t just consider looking the part if they have no idea about follicle and cuticle then you should not consider even hiring them. A good hair stylist should take time in making sure that they are educated enough in the industry they choose.



The best way that you will know the kind of services, you will get from a stylist is through recommendations. That way you will be sure that you will get the best services too. Referrals will give all the information needed like if the clients wait for long even after making an appointment? If the clients were happy with the services? Just make sure that you will ask the stylist for referrals and if they are good at what they do they will not even hesitate a minute in giving the references.



skin lightening

How to Lighten Skin Naturally

Overexposure to environmental pollution, sun, stress, drying of the skin, and poor lifestyle choices are some of the factors that makes it dark. Prolonged use of the chemical- based products can also make your skin look dull. Achieving a flawless and beautiful skin is a process that requires a lot of commitment. The use of natural remedies is highly recommended when it comes to the brightening of the skin.

Drinking enough water

water for hydrating the skin

One is required to keep the body hydrated by taking two litres of water daily. This will make your it look healthy. Plenty of water helps in the removal of toxins from the body. Water will also improve your skin texture. Once you have attained the skin’s texture you want, you should continue drinking fluids and water to maintain it.

Getting enough sleeping time

One needs to sleep for about 7 to 8 hours. If you do not get enough sleep, you will mess up with it. One also looks lifeless when he or she fails to get enough sleep. Blood flow is boosted when one gets enough sleep making it look healthy.

Wearing sunscreen while outdoors

To protect it from sun rays, apply sunscreen lotions. A scarf can also help in protecting you from direct sunshine. Always ensure you are protecting your skin from direct sunshine while outside the house.

Moisturizing it

To help your it appear smooth and radiant, you need to moisturize it daily. This will help you in getting encouraging results. This is done by applying facial oil. This will help you eradicate the dry it. Applying this oil is helpful in hydrating the skin by making it smooth and radiant.

Massaging your face with honey and olive oil

honey for massaging the skin

Massaging your skin with honey and olive oil will lighten it. The massaging should be done daily. For a few minutes, gently massage it using a teaspoonful of honey and two tablespoonfuls of olive oil. You should add few drops of lemon if your skin is the oily type. Use warm water to remove the honey. Continuous use of this mixture will result in a radiant skin.

Facial Steaming

Facial steaming helps in opening up off pores and clearing all the dirt. Look for lemon peels and boil them in water. Use the lemon peels boiled water to steam your face instead of using water that is plain. Steam your face for few minutes. Dry your face with a wet towel that is soft. Your color skin will be enhanced by the Vitamin C present in the lemon peels.

Using cold rose water

Using cold rose water helps  it appear reddish. The cold rose water is sprinkled all over the face. This will assist in enhancing the complexion and also in leaving it fresh. Using cold rose water can be done in any season. This method is very cheap as roses are found in plenty all over, and some even grow wildly.…

applying lipstick

Facts about lipstick

Lipsticks are some of the beauty products used by ladies. Have you ever applied lipstick in your life? Many people love it, and they have applied it countless times. Most of these people do not know much about these products. This article is going to cover the interesting facts about them.

Lipstick has been in use since the ancient times

These products have been around forever. In fact, the first beauty queen, Cleopatra, was a great fan of lipstick. The wife of Julius Ceaser was also one of the biggest fans. She is said to have ordered her slaves to mash up beetles and ants to produce a lipstick. Surprisingly, this is something that worked and made her lips look amazing.

A lot of money is spent on lipstick


Women are known for sending money on beauty products. The main concern is that some of them end up overspending money on makeup products. It is estimated that an average woman can spend up to $ 15,000 during her lifetime on makeup, with 9 % of that money going on lipstick.

It was used by the men in the Ancient Egypt

In the ancient times, it was not just women who were applying lipstick. Egyptian’s men were known for having a fondness for this product. Apart from the Egyptian men, it is believed that some of the Roman emperors also applied it.

Lead is still used as an ingredient in lipstick

You might think that the beauty industry has advanced so much today, but this is not the case. In fact, some companies are still using the crushed beetles for making their products. Others are used traces of lead. Lead is one of the heavy metals, and it is associated with some health issues. However, the amount used in making these products is considered to be safe. What is worrying is that these companies are persisting with it. These products are also known for containing other toxic ingredients.

Applying it will make you look young

beautiful young lady-lipstick

Are you interested in looking young? If yes then you should apply lipstick. Most of the contrasting features are associated with young. Apart from applying it, eating a lot of vegetables and fruits will help you in staying young. Stopping some of the bad habits such smoking will also make you look young and beautiful.


It expires

Avoid using the same lippie over many years. Contrary to popular belief, these products do expire. Most of them have a shelf life of about two years. After this period, some of them will start smelling.